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How will you be Known?

When we honestly ask ourselves who are the people in our lives mean the most to us. Sometimes it can be someone that you don't even know, or have personally met. For me I have an angel named Jessica Hunter. I have never personally met her. She left this earth before I even got the chance. But I feel her presence every day. Twice my age, but so many things that we share in common that we could have been sisters. Through my own journey in life I was able to meet Jessica's parents who shared a wonderful gift in honor of their daughter.

I immediately had a connection with them. Being twelve you tend not to think about the people that you meet that they will become lifelong friends. But this is different. My heart has so much joy for them, and yet they grieve over the loss of their daughter in a way that makes me so very proud to know them.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Jessica. Like a lot of young people made a mistake worthy of punishment. But it's not the kind I would get for not cleaning my room, or leaving everything out when I know I should have put it all away. A simple mistake that was made, for fun and out of character that ended up being the worst punishment one could imagine. Her death.

When we think about our choices, even the "just once" ones, I don't think we ever consider what those choices cost us. But today, as I have past days seen the sadness it has caused and how much she is missed by every single person she knew. I am sure even her dog JD misses her.

Her parents are doing some really awesome things to keep her memory alive and to prevent others from making those kinds of choices. I might be twelve, but through the things they do I know that the people who love me would miss me just as much, even if I don't always keep my room as clean as I need to, or finish my chores....they would miss me. And I don't ever want them to feel the pain that I see in Jessica's parents eyes or know how much their heart breaks. Be Bold, Be Brave and Make Good Choices!

I believe God has a great plan for them. I hope that you will go to and see the good works they have done to not only honor Jessica, but to help others before they make a senseless mistake.

Today, I honor you Jessica and the light you will continue to bring to others. And enough hugs for the Hunters that they feel the love from my not so clean room, knowing I have another day to clean it.

I have a little Angel, she sits real close to me

Watching everything I do, opening my eyes to see

The things the world will offer, some good and some are bad

Knowing that the choice we make, may sometimes be our last

See with eyes wide open, to thine own self be true

There is no one on this earth, that God created like you!

~Kyleigh Villarreal 10/8/2015~

#DecisionMaking #PeerPressure #Friendships #Inspiration

   Kyleigh Villarreal
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