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Sometimes you have to be a friend to yourself to be a friend to others

The are lots of ways to determine if you are a good friend. But I think the most important as keeping your word . A friend who continually lets you down when they promise to do something, or be somewhere, soon looses your trust and respect. And if we do the same, most of us feel bad if we let somebody down because we realize some trust and respect for us, from that person, has been lost.

But keeping our word is not only about respecting others – keeping your word to yourself is all about respecting yourself. We need to pay as much attention about keeping promises to ourselves as we do to others. Unfortunately, most of us have a long string of broken promises to ourselves. I’m going to be this or that, practice more, study more, do more. We’ve all done it so don’t feel shameful if you see yourself here.

The fact is keeping promises to yourself show you respect and consider yourself as important as others. And you are as important as others. It’s not about becoming so self-important you abandon everyone else. But there is a balance of the two.

Keeping your word to yourself is something you can learn. You can do this by making a list and putting the things that are important to you. Where you want to be and the path you need to take to be there.

Start simple. Start a daily journal, and write out five tasks you want to achieve each day the night before or in the morning. These tasks do not have to be time consuming. Things like walking the dog, calling a friend, and reading a chapter in a book are fine. Keep it simple and achievable.

Mine started out with simple things:

  • Finish Homework right after school

  • Practice pitching for 1 hour every day

  • Read every night 1 chapter of something

  • Spend each night at least 30 minutes journaling my thought of the day

  • Spend time with family discussing the events of the day (both the good and bad)

As you complete each activity during the day tick it off. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after number 5 is completed. Next day do whole thing again.

Practice “keeping your word to yourself” everyday. And quickly, you’ll feel confident to tackle anything because when you promise to do something, you do whatever it takes. For me, my pitching was better, my homework was easier, my relationships at home were better because I was sharing my day and my journaling of my thoughts make it easier to write these blogs because I write about something that happens in my day that I can use to help others. And at the end of the exercise, you will be a better friend to your self and others.

#Kindness #DecisionMaking #Friendships #Communication

   Kyleigh Villarreal
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