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Kyleigh Kares

Thank you for visiting this website. I hope that you return often for updates.  I also hope that by learning more about how you can achieve success in your own life that you will also be inspired to impact others.  I believe that our youth have a voice and can initiate change in our world.  It begins with each one of us.  Each one of us can make a significant impact on others. Together we can do the impossible and make it possible. Below are some of the things that I have chosen to support as part of giving back, please join me or start something on your own.  When we do things with love we are not only being the light of someone else's life, but building a life of character and compassion within our own life.  Check back frequently for other opportunities to give back and make an impact in our world!

Making A Difference
Difference Made for The Uganda Pearls at the Women's World Softball Championships

Proof that things can happen when we join together to help others. Donor's from Austria, the United States and Canada and book sales of book "More Than a Game" we were able to come up with more than $50,000 to get the team to the World Championships where The Ugandan Pearls represented their country and earned the respect of the world who witnessed more character and more respect for the game and of others that I have ever experieinced.

Although these games are over, and with the announcement of Softball being brought back into the Olympic games in 2020, Uganda will need our help more than ever!

 To continue training of the team, it can cost at an average of $1,800 per athlete per year. I am asking that you continue to make book purchases to help fund this team and allowing them to continue growing the sport in their country so that they can pass on their skills and knowlege to the next generation.

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